High-visibility safety harness

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Runners, cyclists, motorcyclists and outdoor enthusiasts: please pay attention!

Reduce the risk of an accident by 47 percent by wearing this reflective high-visibility harness, it's that easy! 

Every year hundreds of thousands of (motor)cyclists and runners get involved in accidents because they aren't noticed by other road users, please don't be one of them!

Wear this lightweight harness over your normal (riding)gear and instantly gain 360 degrees visibility, day and night.



  • High-visibilty color during the day, retro reflective in the dark 
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Small storage size, fits in your pocket
  • Much more breatheable than a vest, therefore very suitable for running and cycling
  • Adjustable waist- and shoulder straps so you can make it fit closely to the body. Doesn't flap in the wind while riding!
  • Adjust the harness to the right size wearing it the first time, use the buckle everytime after that. Easy on- and off, perfect fit guaranteed

Average shipping time for this harness: 2-3 weeks (free shipping)