Motorcycle Tire Pressure Monitoring System [TPMS]

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Improve your motorcycle's handling, safety, tirewear and fuel consumption!
This TPMS kit warns you timely about dangerous situations.

This Tire Pressure Monitoring System supplies you with realtime data about your tire pressure and temperature.

Underinflated tires cause increased tire wear, fuel consumption and braking distance. Besides that, low pressures also negatively influence your bike's handling. 

PLUG & PLAY:  Easy installation, no difficult setup needed!


The kit is available with two types of pressure sensors:

1. External pressure sensors > these sensors are screwed onto the valve stem.
   (If your bike has tires with innertubes, your bike needs external         sensors).

2. Internal pressure sensors > these sensors are mounted on the inside of the rim
    (If your bike has tubeless tires, you can choose between both external-
     and internal sensors).


Tire pressure and temperature monitoring

  • Pressure units:                PSI  /  Bar
  • Temperature units:          F  /  o
  • Waterproof LCD display (rechargeable via USB)
  • Replaceable sensor batteries  
  • Battery status indicator
  • Anti-theft pressure sensors
  • Installation manual included in the kit


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